Rebirth of the Devadasi DVD

Rebirth of the Devadasi DVD


Limited batch “Rebirth of the Devadasi” Sacred Arts Salon vintage 2014 Highlights DVD!

This documented piece of history chronicles the beloved “Rebirth” era, where the Dakini Rose Gardens produced a series of 9 sacred dance and music ceremonial productions in Jackson Wellsprings Casbah here in Ashland, Oregon. This DVD contains 17 different dance and ritual pieces including ceremonial invocations, Ganesh Mangalacharan, Guru Bramha, Arati Sthayi, and Moksha Classical Indian Dances, Dakini Rose Devadasi group pieces including “Pythia Awakening”, “The Messengers”, and “Umrah”, and many other solo and group highlights.

Performances by Monique Trinity Rose, Ruth Rhiannon, Deonesea LaFey, Jumana Sophia, Loraia Ward, Sofia Onstad, Julia Epperson, Sylverleaf, Shiviti Dance Company, Halo Seronko, and Rene Jeffus.

Live Music by Krista Holland, Scott Miller, Nils Olof Soderback, Brad Senstock, and Dj Solus.

Once these DVDs sell out, there will be no additional runs, so this is a truly special little keepsake of a powerful era of visionary modern Ritual Theatre and Temple Arts.

Welcome to the Temple of the Beauty Way of the Heart!

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