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Ritual Embodiment

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The Bio-Mystical Technology and Mystery School

of Shakti Embodied

Omnique Ritual Embodiment™ is a deep feminine mystery school that integrates the realms of priestess school and temple arts, with shamanic embodiment, temple dance, chi-gong, and archetypal psychology. This essential body/mind/spirit integration takes esoteric concepts and meditative inquiries into full 3D expression, birthing a revolutionary holistic system of self-realization which embraces the fullness of our beings through the tool and temple of our body/mind synthesis.

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It is a practice that creates the opportunity to witness the multi-dimensional facets of our complex womanhood, break this spectrum down into universal feminine archetypes and their associative energy center (chakra), name our own unique expressions of each of these characters, get to know them, play with them, embody them, befriend their “Dynamic Allies”, and generate a place of balance that they can live in harmony with one another. For when peace, acceptance, and understanding of the whole lives within us, it lives in the world.

This multi-dimensional bio-mystical technology is composed of two primary embodied practice components, the “Flow” yang-quality hatha yoga based component, and the “Form” yin-quality chi-gong based component for each archetype. Within our mystery school tool belt we also work with variety of other practical daily practices and meditations incorporating breathwork, visualization, divination, mudra, mantra, and yantra.

This system allows us to distill our self-work into a practice that is both fitness and movement medicine, AND transformational psycho-spiritual alchemy. Within Ritual Embodiment we are given the tools to truly take full responsibility of our lives, ceasing the blame game and stepping into true, embodied feminine empowerment. Here we can heal our relationships to self and other, recognizing there is ultimately no separation between the two. Love is love, and hate is hate, inner and outer. The time is always now, and the power is *only* yours.

 Join us as we dance the dance of Shakti embodied in all her faces… as we dance our own unique expression of the forces that live within us all… as we together in sacred circle lift each other up into our highest realization, and dance Gaia into peace and harmony.


Welcome sisters, to the Alchemista Sisterhood!

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Online Initiation

Become an Initiate in Ritual Embodiment™ through our upcoming online mystery school sessions! Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on the next opportunity to join the Alchemista Sisterhood and dive into an 8 week online transformational journey in feminine embodiment.


Experience in person

Circle with the Sisterhood and join us for an upcoming Ritual Embodiment™ workshop or retreat! Visit our Experience page for upcoming opportunities, or email to host an Initiation in your area.

The Omnique Method is a transformational journey beyond feel good practices. My experience has been one of humility, intimacy, love, and evolution through the various portals opened during practice. Monique is a true Dakini providing a structure to evolve consciousness through movement. I am not same the person that began the journey with her. I have a little less heartache and a lot more light. I’m grateful our paths crossed!
— Cindy Madden, RE Initiation graduate

The above video is a Ritual Theatre performance art transmission of the Ritual Embodiment™ archetypal progression.

Choreography, costume, and performance by Monique at the Soluna Sacred Arts Salon in Grass Valley, CA. 2017.

Monique – my journey following your remembering has been the most incredible undercurrent of my year. What a gift you have birthed. Deep gratitude and humble heart to you and to all the sweet sisters that swam so beautifully together through the Inauguration of the Omnique Method.
— Angela Virola Theodora, RE Initiate

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