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Trinity Rose Arts

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aloha friends

Welcome to the online heart and hub of Trinity Rose Arts!

Here in one place you will find info and updates on all things Temple Dance, Ritual Embodiment, Dakini Rose Gardens & Temple, Woman’s holistic health, conscious Motherhood, references, resources, and musings on the path.

My hope is that all you find here nourishes and inspires you, ignites your true power and purpose, and awakens you to your EMBODIED potential.

May we find beauty in every moment of the agony and ecstasy of this life. May we be well and awake enough to recognize and FEEL this beauty. May all acts be acts of worship, all words be spells of light, all intentions be prayers of compassion and love.

And so it is. Enjoy, my friends. I look forward to dancing with you soon… xx


Upcoming Offerings


online classes & patronage
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Join the Dakini Rose community and access monthly online classes, exclusive talks, playlists, resources, and practices, and become a beloved patron of modern Temple Arts.

ritual embodiment online initiation
spring/summer 2019

Announcing the first ever opportunity to experience Ritual Embodiment in an upcoming 8 week online course!

Rosa mystica~ Woman’s temple dance retreat
new moon of May 3-5th, 2019

Immerse yourself in the Rosa Mystica on the New “Flower Moon” via an intimate 3 day Temple Dance, Ritual Embodiment, and moon magic retreat at the Dakini Rose Gardens! APPLICATIONS NOW LIVE!



dakini rose format

temple fusion bellydance:

a dance technique and temple art

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Ritual Embodiment™

A bio-mystical technology

an embodied mystery school

an alchemista sisterhood

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Dakini Rose Gardens

temple, boutique retreat center, and airbnb

Talent, oregon




holistic medicines of the earth

walking the medicine path

conscious mothering

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